Jul 142016

Sad Puppy

We have sad news concerning Cavalcade of Comics 2016. We have lost our venue and due to all the renovations of convention places around town, we have been unable to secure another. Due to this and other internal factors, we will sadly have to cancel the Cavalcade of Comics convention for 2016. We want to thank all our friends, colleagues and fans for their continuing support and we will try to come back next year all the stronger for the time off.  Have a fantastic convention season and look for us to make a big splash next year.

John and Kim Wilson

Nov 232015

Kim and I wanted to thank everyone who came out and braved the seasons first major cold snap to attend this years Cavalcade of Comics We also want to thank all the great artists and vendors that set up this year and hope that they will join us again.

Special thanks goes to Allison Cuyjet, Jenna Rae and Paul Steven Brown! Your assistance was invaluable and your friendship humbles me. I also want to thank my neighbor and friend Lindsey Okoroafo for being an amazing registration table person!

Thanks also goes to Robert W. Hickey and Blue Line Art for their friendship and promotional help, Sam Anderson and the Corn Island Steampunk Society for all their work with the costume contest and for their continuing friendship. We really love you all.

I’m sure there will be more thanks and comments on the show in the future but those are the first and most important that needs to be said.

John Wilson

Owner- Cavalcade of Comics

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Nov 182015

Cavalcade of Comics has been thrilled to partner with Blue Line Pro, Sky Storm Studios and Afterburn Press for this year’s promotional materials and now the company is doing something extra special. They have created exclusive prints from their series Clay’s Way for the first 500 customers through the door. Clay’s Way follows the adventures of Clay and his best friend Pan as they tackle life, ADHD, Dyslexia and keeping batteries in their lightsabers. Don’t be late and get your free print!

Nov 162015

As part of the 501st Legion and MidSouth Garrison, the Blue Sun Squad is an all volunteer organization of costumers that seeks to promote the Star Wars film franchise within the Central Kentucky area through our charity and volunteer work. The purpose of this squad is to promote strong friendships with local troopers and expand the 501st footprint by pursuing the idea of making the 501st Legion and MidSouth Garrison a household name. All activities of our squad have and will continue to build good relationships with local businesses, organizations, and individuals alike for mutual promotion, recruitment, and betterment of our community.

Darth Vader

Nov 162015

Blue Moon Clan is chapter of the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club (www.mandalorianmercs.com) based out of Kentucky. Our members specialize in the construction of custom Mandalorian costumes and wear them to help local charity events, conventions, Etc.

Blue Moon Clan

Nov 122015

Here is your parking info for the Cavalcade of Comics:

There is parking in front of and to the side of the convention center. There is also parking at the hotel. Both are limited, so get there early.

There is additional parking across the street at the top of the hill. It is accessible from the street and from the last exit from the center.

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Nov 122015

Here are the directions to the Cavalcade of Comics:

If you want to follow your GPS, the exact address is: 9700 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, KY 40299 US

From Airport: Take I-264 – Watterson Expressway – East. Exit to I-64 East towards Lexington. Take Exit 15A Hurstbourne Lane/Bluegrass Industrial Park. Follow signs through the traffic light to Bluegrass Parkway. Follow road 1/4 mile to hotel.

From the West: Follow I-64 East towards Louisville, then continue towards Lexington. Take Exit 15A Hurstbourne Lane. Follow signs through the traffic light to Bluegrass Parkway. Follow road 1/4 mile to hotel.

From the East: Follow I-65 or I-75 West, merge onto I-64 West towards Louisville. Exit 15A Hurstbourne Lane. At the light, turn left onto Hurstbourne Lane. Go 2 blocks, then turn left onto Bluegrass Parkway. Follow road for 1/4 mile to hotel.

From the South: I-65 North to 264 – Watterson Expressway – East. Exit to I-64 East towards Lexington. Then take Exit 15A Hurstbourne Lane. Follow sign through the traffic light to Bluegrass Parkway. Follow road for 1/4 mile to hotel.

From the North: I-65 South to Louisville, then I-64 East towards Lexington. Exit 15A, Hurstbourne Lane. Follow sign through traffic light to Bluegrass Parkway. Follow road for 1/4 mile to hotel.


Nov 122015

Load in Instructions: Load in will be from 5 pm and 10 pm on Friday the 20th and 8:00 am and 9:30 am on Saturday the 21st (show day!) You will be able to load in through the front doors or through the Garage door around the rear of the building. As there will be a lot of people loading in on both days, I encourage you to bring your items to the building, drop your items at your table and then move your car and then return to set up your displays. These times are absolute! If you have a large display with many components, I suggest you get there early and work quickly. These times can not be extended or changed.

Load in boxes

Nov 112015

We are Elite Toys and Collectibles – Located at 4150-7 E. Bluelick Rd.  Louisville, KY  40229 and have been in business approaching 3 years now.

We carry a wide range of collectible toys – Superhero, Horror, vintage toys , comic books, video games, etc.

Elite Toys

Nov 102015

Tony Bowman has been actively buying and selling comics and related items for the past 29 years… he is a regular at the Ky Fle-Market sponsored by Stewart Promotions since 1990. Tony prides himself for acquiring rarer and or obscure items not regularly seen…

Tony Bowman AKA-Comics Plus